Ms. Terri's School's Soup

Note to Everyone.... I don't measure the ingredients; I just add, smell and taste.

Oh and to get kids to eat it, at first I go light on the onion, garlic and ginger even the types of veggies to build trust and confidence for a bit...Also as I serve them I fill their bowl with the soup first, then I add the cooked rice noodles on top.

* Add Olive Oil into the pan just covering the bottom of the pan.

* Zig or chop finely:
1 or 1/2 onion
1 or 2 garlic cloves  
1 Tbs or more of fresh peeled ginger (almost the most important ingredient)

* Put into the OLIVE OIL sauté

* Add 3 Tbs of Tamari (Wheat-free) (rounds out ALL flavors somehow)

**********That is your base. This is the YUMMY beginning.***************

Let it simmer (I do ALL this before the children arrive). Turn off stove until veggies are ready to add

The Children and I "chop, chop and cut, cut..." ANY AND ALL combinations of Vegetables. Whatever is in the house, the garden...etc. Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes (a hit), parsnips, carrots of every color, turnips, etc...

*   Add veggies to the soup and sauté with all the YUMMY beginning


*   Now add some water (2 cups to start)

*   2 Tbs Organic Better than Bouillon

*   Then, we pinch and I chop FRESH Kale, spinach, etc...

Meanwhile, another POT of boiling water. ADD

Tinkyada Pasta Joy: Brown Rice PASTA. (COOK AL DENTE' serve separate from SOUP AND ADD into each CHILD'S BOWL OF SOUP.  ENJOY.... ENJOY....