Meet Terri

Coach. Teacher. Artist. Seeker of Magic and Beauty.

I help people bring out the goodness within themselves.

Because of my unconventional path and my decades as an educator and business owner, I offer a unique combination of coaching and creative skills. I love teaching, guiding, inspiring and motivating people to soulfully and strategically align their lives with their dreams and vision.

Magic and wonder are at the heart of everything I do.

I believe in truth, beauty and goodness.
It is within and all around us.

My Story

Following my beautiful, meandering path

My journey through life has been a path of learning, growth and discovery. As an artist, teacher, friend, coach, parent, grandparent, foster parent, and world traveler, my intention is to fill the world with truth, beauty and goodness. And for me, that means helping folks -- no matter what their age -- see, trust and act on their own soul wisdom. I did that as a pre-school teacher for many years. Now I get to work with adults who long for the clarity, simplicity, and confidence that comes from listening to one's soul.

  • I ran a Waldorf-inspired preschool for 32 years. I loved witnessing the children's wonder, and it was an honor to help parents learn to see the soul qualities of their children.

  • I don't fear the unknown. I learned to create joy and safety in the midst of my crazy childhood. Moving around often, being poor, and having a mother who never gave up taught me to dream and go for it.

  • In addition to making art, I enjoy playing golf and gardening. Weeding, watching things grow, and relishing the wonder of nature -- both the beauty and the decay -- are all part of my yearly rhythm.

  • In 2022, I closed my successful business, and sold my house and nearly all my belongings so I could travel extensively while exploring art. My travels remind me how important it is to embrace transition and to manifest my dreams, no matter how wild they may seem.

  • I'm a Reiki Master, a Certified Soul Coach® and a certified Soul Collage facilitator. I love being able to bring my intuition and creative spirit to the world through the many ways I serve my clients.

  • My coaching approach is inspiring, expressive, and full of joy. One of my greatest gifts is that I easily see the beauty and magic in others.

"Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and MAGIC in it."


While Vermont is my home base, I love Paros, Greece where I studied art in college. Recently, I have begun to return to immerse myself in painting retreats AND PERHAPS you'll join in my future retreats on the island?

"Terri's enthusiasm is contagious, and when she reflects your wisdom back to you, your heart expands with an enormous 'Yes!'."



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