Peaceful Playrooms

Get relief from kids chaos and develop rhythms and routines that support your sweet family.

Get relief from kid chaos and develop rhythms and routines that support your sweet family.

Welcome to an adventure of MAGIC & WONDER in the world of a child.

Kids need calm, beautiful, cozy spaces that support their growth and development. But an organized playroom is not just for the kids -- we all know that parents also need easy-to-manage spaces for their own calm and peace!

PLAY is how children learn. It is the foundation of future learning that is essential to their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. So we must create surroundings that are safe and beautiful, and offer an easy flow for the child to develop self-reliance, creativity, and curiosity all while feeling a sense of peacefulness that helps them explore and learn.

But who has time for that, you might wonder. That's where I come in -- literally. I come to your house or visit with you over Zoom and I declutter and organize your child's spaces while sharing my decades of wisdom about parenting and child development.

Offering consultations virtually and in-person

I combine my passion for beauty and my 32 years as a Waldorf-inspired pre-school teacher with my experience as a consultant for parents and schools to help you create a space that promotes: 

  • Unstructured creative play

  • Less screen time


  • Artistic explorations

  • Improved concentration

  • Fine motor skills

  • Calm and easy clean up

  • Rhythm and routine in the home 

All this also allows for a sweet family connection.


"A wealth of knowledge"

Ms. Terri came to our house on multiple occasions to help us reimagine our play area and create a vision for a new one. She shared a wealth of knowledge she has accumulated over the years as a preschool owner and teacher. She spent time to get to know my children, their energy levels and their play rhythms.

Ms. Terri then gave us easy-to-implement 
ideas to enhance imaginative play, use natural materials, and beautify the space. She even offered DIY plans for building elements to spark creative play and ideas for sourcing materials and special products. Her engaging personality, presence, and flair left a lasting impression.


Working together

My three-fold approach to peaceful spaces

Declutter + Organize

Children need a cozy, well-organized environment that fosters play, creativity and independence. I will bring order and beauty to your space in ways that are age appropriate for your child and work for your family.

Bring Simplicity + Ease

Cleaning up shouldn't be the worst part of the day! I'll show you and your child simple approaches to keeping spaces organized so that your home feels peaceful, relaxing and inviting -- even if you have young children and lots of toys!

Foster Rhythm + Routine

Find more joy in parenting when you have rhythms and routines that make the day unfold with ease. I'll teach you how set up your space and design your schedule in a way that honors your child's natural energy and your family's needs.


"Terri is truly a facilitator of magical spaces, inside and out."



Let me help you bring order and ease to your parenting life.

Peaceful Playrooms is offered by the hour or in a three hour package. I'll come to your home or we'll meet over Zoom and I help bring relief from the chaos.

I can't wait to hear about your family. The initial consult is free.


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