Soulful Vision Boards

Dreaming out loud on paper.

What would make your heart sing?

We spend so much time in our heads and yet our deepest knowing lies in our hearts. Soulful vision boarding allows us to get out our own way and lets our hearts reveal what we might not even know we are ready to hear.

Soulful vision boarding is part play, part reflection and part intuitive coaching. Sessions can be one on one or part of a team-building or family bonding experience. The process boosts motivation and inspires us to move forward with direction, hope and excitement.

Uncover your vision

Not only will you be creating a vision through imagery, you will also be guided to meet with your higher self and find a message that offers clarity to your vision.

Your board becomes like an oracle card and, as part of the session, I will help you read the outcome of your vision so you can step into more of who you are.


"Truly amazing!"

Thanks so much for that fabulous experience. Your guidance and insight was absolutely wonderful! You helped me to let go of my plans and fear of those plans, and step into the unknown, trusting my subconscious. The experience of creating a vision board without an organized plan was scary at first, but felt natural and fulfilling once I got into it! Thank you so much for guiding me through this. And thank you even more for reading my vision board. That’s when it all came together, and I was able to understand what my subconscious was saying! Truly amazing!



A three-step process infused with magic

1. Focus on a theme

What do you want to explore?

We'll first uncover your intention for your session and identify a theme for visioning. You might want to explore big life dreams, happiness & contentment, relationships, health & fitness, or your current transition.

2. Choose images

What's calling you?

With Terri as your guide, you’ll cut, tear, and glue powerful images into a vivid collage that will help you manifest the life you dream of. Throughout the process, we'll explore what's emerging for you.

3. Reveal the magic

What does your board reveal?

The last phase of the session involves a little magic. Your board becomes a message from your soul, and we will do a reading to see what your creation reveals. You'll leave with clarity, hope and guidance.


Upcoming Group Sessions

I often run Soulful Vision Board sessions on the new moon. Contact me for more info.

Please inquire about workshops for your organization, workplace, retreat or event.


"Terri skillfully, unobtrusively, non- judgmentally held the group. The process is fun and revealing and I'm still digesting the enigmatic outcome that I look at daily. "



Soulful vision boarding brings dreams to life!

Whether you find yourself in the midst of a transition or you long for calm and clarity, creating a soulful vision board can help you access what you desire so you can manifest your deep longings and bring your dreams to life.


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