Take the light from the candle into your heart

Hello Terri!
Hanna and Arne built a fairy house together yesterday. Hanna is so into fairies!! This was Arne's FIRST ever fairy house. So special. Hanna was so proud of her house!
Hanna also busted out the spring song this morning to me after we awoke. I said "Look outside at Spring Hanna!" She then started to sing and dance the song for me. So sweet.  
Also, when we were celebrating Arne's tenure and Arne and Hanna were blowing out the candles on his tenure cake, Hanna said so peacefully and calmly after helping to blow out the candles "take the light from the candle into your heart."  
So much wonderfulness coming from her experiences with you. THANK YOU!!!  We are so grateful!!!


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Spring is Here!

I remember during my years in training a dear teacher once said, "the children feel the energy of the earth." You can see that it now that it is spring! The children are in a way busting out. They are tripping over everything just trying to get there fast enough, and they are taking risks that maybe they shouldn't. They are like the flowers getting ready to burst! When my daughter was around 8 years old in the spring she jumped from a swing... (Feeling daring) and broke both arms. When we were escorted in an ambulance from Richmond to Burlington emergency room, the EMT said, spring is there busiest time with children. So... "Safety First!" says Ms. Terri and at the SAME TIME, try asking the question... "Am I Parenting (or whatever else) out of LOVE or FEAR?" It's a tricky question... If you're clear, Love always Wins.

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New Circle Songs for Spring

Oh... Pussy Willow dear ...
Do you Know that Spring is Near
and the Cold March Winds are Blowing.

Wrapped in Fur from your head to your Toes
You Don't Care How the MARCH winds Blow...

we sing two times)


know little pussy her coat is pearly gray,
She lives down in the meadow not very far away
She'll Always be Pussy.
She'll Never Be CAT;  
For she's Pussy WILLOW;
What do you think of that...

(here we are moving our fingers like in the itsy, bitsy, spider)      

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